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For the purpose of brevity and succinctness, certain broader terms or phrases may be used synonymously to refer to more specific entities or ideas. The terms "us", "we", and "our company" refer Johnson International Industries, Inc. (JIII) DBA Continental Hardwood Co. The phrase "this document" refers to the collective terms and conditions specified herein. The phrases "this site" and "this website" are used to refer to all publicly reachable content accessible at the ContinentalHardwood.com domain, and all associated sub-domains via an internet protocol such as HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP.


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Warranties And Liability

This site and its contents are made available without warranty, implied or explicit. Though we make substantial efforts in good faith to ensure that this site remains relevant, up-to-date, usable, and informative, we make no assertions whatsoever regarding the validity or future availability of its content. Under no circumstances may JIII or any of its associated entities be held liable for any damages whatsoever, direct or indirect, resulting from the use of this website, or any linked websites. Any external links provided in this website are for informational or convenience purposes only, and in no way do they indicate endorsement by our company. Though we attempt to ensure that this website, and its associated resources remain as secure as possible for our company and its users, we cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from unlawful or malicious exploit of our systems. This includes the compromise of any personally identifiable information. This site and its contents are subject to change without notice.

Copyright Notice

This website includes digital assets and information from various third party sources, used in accordance with the permissions afforded to JIII, either directly or indirectly, by their respective controlling entities. All original third party content, and derivative works thereof, are subject to their associated third party license terms. Such content may not be extracted from this site, or used in any way that violates those license terms.

All remaining content is the sole property of JIII. The copyright metadata fields of digital images appearing on this site have been edited where deemed appropriate to reflect JIII's ownership. Reproduction, redistribution, retransmission, or alteration of any content owned by JIII within this site, including, but not limited to graphics, text, document files, scripts, HTML code, and all other intellectual property, is strictly prohibited without express written consent from an authorized representative of JIII, except for the following purposes:

  1. You may print or download and save information from this site, for reference purposes only, when considering the purchase of products and/or services from JIII, provided that the content is owned by JIII.
  2. You may distribute information from this site, for reference purposes only, to third parties considering the purchase of products and/or services from JIII, provided that the content is owned by JIII, and that you explicitly indicate this site as the source of the information.

Under no conditions may any content from this site be used to compete with, undermine, commercially exploit, or in any way damage our company, its reputation, or its business relationships.

Product Depictions

By using this site, you acknowledge an understanding that all images and depictions of products are intended for illustration purposes only, and are not direct representations of the products that we ultimately sell to our customers. The actual appearance and quality of material sold will vary.

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We reserve the right to change or amend these terms of use without notice. As the end user, it is your responsibility to review this document periodically to become aware of any revisions.

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The laws of the State of Washington shall govern in all matters of dispute or interpretation of this document. By using this website, you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Washington in all legal matters regarding this website.


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