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First European Quality (FEQ)

The FEQ grade is used to describe teak lumber meeting the highest quality standards. FEQ teak is typically equal to, or superior in quality to domestic FAS lumber, featuring no loose knots, sapwood, or insect holes.

Moulding Grades

Paint Grade: Mouldings cut from clear wood with color variations not suitable for transparent finishing. Commonly available in poplar, albus, CND maple, or CND birch.

Stain Grade: Mouldings cut from clear wood with uniform color appearance, suitable for transparent finishing. Available in many species, including alder, maple, cherry, red oak, white oak, sapele, and birch.

Veneer Wrapped: Typically constructed of finger-jointed pine mouldings wrapped with hardwood veneers.


Reclaimed lumber is an eco-friendly option, consisting of antique material that has been extricated from its original installation, processed as necessary, and resold for subsequent use. Since most reclaimed material was originally cut from virgin, slow-growth trees, boards have the potential to be wider, and more stable than newly harvested material.

Softwood Grading

We carry softwood lumber in a variety of grades from clears to commons, which conform to the grading criteria set forth by the West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau (WCLIB). For more detailed information regarding these standards, please visit www.wclib.org.

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